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7 Falls melting by Midnite-Blaze 7 Falls melting :iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 0 0 tree by Midnite-Blaze tree :iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 0 0 Gotta love ya doggie by Midnite-Blaze Gotta love ya doggie :iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 1 3 Sleeping Devil.... by Midnite-Blaze Sleeping Devil.... :iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 0 1
Lonely sidewalks,
So grey and deserted,
Lead the way to so many choices I have yet to make.
The long busy streets behind me
Leave all the memories I have made and shared.
All the mistakes and regrets.
Trees turning orange and yellow,
There leaves falling to the ground, so gracefully.
And onto the path I'm about to walk on.
So many choices to makes.
I'll never know where they're going to take me.
The moon's shining above me.
Forever following me on this journey.
How ever long it shall take.
Winds blowing violently,
My long hair sweeping across my face.
In the distance I can see the lights,
Faintly, but still there.
I have a feeling this will be a better place,
To make new memories,
Have a new life.
:iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 0 1
Fishing - The first fishy by Midnite-Blaze Fishing - The first fishy :iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 0 5 Fishing - Dad by Midnite-Blaze Fishing - Dad :iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 1 0 Fishing - Gage by Midnite-Blaze Fishing - Gage :iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 0 0
The trees outside the windows,
Turning orange as the leaves slowly begin to fall off,
Autumn is quickly approaching,
So many memories to be made.
The road up ahead,
The trees surrounding it,
All a beautiful shade of orange and yellow.
The winds blowing,
A slight breeze ruffling the leaves on the ground.
A little farther up the road it branches off,
A pull over,
Fields of golden grass billowing in the wind,
Almost dancing to it's own silent music.
A little Cottage,
Decaying from and and slightly tilted to the side,
Abandoned, you can see the old rusted car parked where the garage used to be,
The windows,
Smashed in and boarded up,
An older looking tree looming over the front porch.
Every so often a car will pass by,
Bringing more memories for people of all ages.
Pictures taken,
And the stories that outline this magical place,
Are beautiful beyond belief.
:iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 0 0
Let these wings lift me higher,
New and bright,
Strong and beautiful.
Your strength will only lift me higher,
Higher and higher,
Until I can no longer see the cities below me.
Your beauty is stunning,
Burning right threw the core,
Lighting up the sky, day or night,
Oh wow,
No wonder they call you an angel, the angel.
No wonder they let you be so high up,
So stunning,
Your beauty amazes me,
Graceful and light,
Filled with so much joy,
It's as if nothing can bring you down.
:iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 0 2
Bottled up emotions and tear stained faces,
Don't even begin to explain these feelings
The thorns on all of the roses,
Prick at my fragile fingertips,
Drawing blood,
That trickles down my hands, onto the floor it drops.
Drip, it echoes, sounding oh so loud to my ears.
The puddle grows bigger around my bare feet.
Dark crimson and growing larger by the second.
The reflection stuns me,
I kneel over to run my fingers through the thick puddle of life, washing away those many faces
So dark and mezmerizing.
It keeps me captivated for only moments.
It feels like an eternity, as the puddle only grows bigger.
The doors slam open and closed.
Flashing memories.
Both past and present.
Good and bad.
I fall to my knees.
Dizziness over comes me.
I think I've lost to much blood.
Darkness over comes me,
I think I've passed out.
In the distance I hear voices,
As hands start grasping my wrists and ankles ever so tightly,
Bone crushingly tight. I hear my bones crunching together,
Crying out in pain,
:iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 0 1
Crash and Burn
I carve you name into my arm.
Your words mean so much to me.
The scars will hardly fade,
But only time will tell.
We shared so many memories,
All to just be blown away when we fell.
Fell so hard we broke apart.
And I watched so helplessly as everything crashed and burned around us.
Everything we worked so hard to get.
Just vanished within seconds.
You really have no idea how bad that hurt.
Not being able to do anything to help us
Help us fix what we threw around so carelessly.
Your not someone I can just ignore anymore.
You mean so much to me.
Oh dear god, what are we doing...
Wasting all our time.
Screwing around,
Messing up our lives so badly.
Hurting you wasn't the plan.
I'm sorry that it happened.
But I had to do something.
Something to stop this ongoing disaster.
:iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 0 0
Don't fall... by Midnite-Blaze Don't fall... :iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 1 0 Tounge? by Midnite-Blaze Tounge? :iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 0 1 Kelcci Again by Midnite-Blaze Kelcci Again :iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 1 3
The truth never looked so good,
Sacred memories,
Reach out to other demitions of there minds.
To bad they can't rewind time.
To make it all better.
No worries,
No regrets.
So much time lost,
He's snorting crack,
She's cutting her wrists.
His vision blurs,
So does hers.
He gets up and walks away,
She's dying on the floor.
He walks right passed the door,
Not knowing she winning her ongoing battle.
He cries over her grave,
Wishing he knew why.
Why these memories just can't come back<i>
:iconmidnite-blaze:Midnite-Blaze 0 0


Advanced Dungeons and Lawyers by tegehel Advanced Dungeons and Lawyers :icontegehel:tegehel 576 93 Trickster Priest by pupukachoo Trickster Priest :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 3,452 310 Geisgate by QuantumSuz Geisgate :iconquantumsuz:QuantumSuz 559 45 Amarantha and Archibald End by AbigailLarson Amarantha and Archibald End :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 2,900 134 The angel by heise The angel :iconheise:heise 14,423 897 V is for Vampire by artsaves1228 V is for Vampire :iconartsaves1228:artsaves1228 80 32 Home out of dark reasons by senyphine Home out of dark reasons :iconsenyphine:senyphine 1,213 254 Les Freres Siamois 2 by senyphine Les Freres Siamois 2 :iconsenyphine:senyphine 357 82 Crocodog by hellcorpceo Crocodog :iconhellcorpceo:hellcorpceo 11,152 959 Necrodragon by drakhenliche Necrodragon :icondrakhenliche:drakhenliche 247 50 Rainbow by Bory-Einfrost Rainbow :iconbory-einfrost:Bory-Einfrost 2,261 124 untitled by LanWu untitled :iconlanwu:LanWu 7,824 362 _how it ends by karincoma _how it ends :iconkarincoma:karincoma 1,261 94 Family Tree by KmyeChan Family Tree :iconkmyechan:KmyeChan 7,335 699 Come let's go by Parororo Come let's go :iconparororo:Parororo 5,431 288



Tiffany Epiphany
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: here and there
Favourite genre of music: Anything that sounds good =]]
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Personal Quote: & You'll never see the stars, if your always looking down
Ok so I know that the updates have been less and less
In the past few months.....

But I'm getting there.
I've been dealing with a lot of shit lately
And don't really want to put my stuff on here.

I've actually been writting a lot..
Filled up three notebooks in three months.
Pretty much a notebook a month.

Wow that's a lot of paper.

And I know that a lot of you don't give a shit but oh well

  • Listening to: Dad talking


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